Sushi Cincinnati

Private Sushi Rolling Parties & Catering

Fundraiser Parties

Our facility is available Tuesday evenings 5:30 - 8:00 to raise money for any good cause. Each donor will enjoy up to 2 sushi rolls, party is buffet style. Sushi Cincinnati is a BYOB facility providing no drinks making the event a great value for your guests.
If guests forget to bring drinks you may only give or sell non-alcoholic drinks. You can sell other items and hold raffles to increase revenues. You must have at least 30 people attend and bring
a staff of at least 3 people to help greet, clean tables and wash dishes. Our charge is $15 per person to cover our time and costs. We suggest a starting price of at least $30 per guest, there is no limit to the price you can charge. Our facility seats 28, in order to maximize donations let your guests know, if busy, they will need to cut their visit short allowing others in to take part in the event and make donations. You are not required to be a legal charitable organization to use our facility for fundraising.

Jack Stoecklin


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