Sushi Cincinnati
130 West Pike St.

Covington, Ky 41011
Sushi Rolling & Dining Parties
Always BYOB & No Tipping

Groupon Special  $43.99 - Sushi Party for 2
Submit reservation here and include Groupon Number.
We redeemed Groupon at time of reservation submission.

Open Table $44 -
Sushi Party for 2
Reserve on Open Table -
Submit reservation here
then call with credit card info to complete reservation. -
 Sushi Party for 2 
$36 and certificate includes admission for 2. 

Submit reservation here and include certificate 
number, then call with credit card
info to complete reservation.

All Sushi Parties are NO TIPPING & BYOB.
You roll your own sushi then have a seat and enjoy what you rolled. Our facility is setup with 4 seat tables so you may be sharing a table and making new friends.

Option 6.        
Party starts 5:45 ends 6:55
Doors open 5:15

Group lesson 28 seats - the fun party - see video on Facebook      

This party is for those who want to have fun trying to roll sushi. You have a reserved seat waiting for you so come in early and spend time with your friends. Chef Deb gives a 15 minute Sushi assembly, rolling, cutting and plating demonstration. Then the fun starts, the entire group, up to 28, step up to the table, everybody rolls 2 rolls of their choice. Our team of instructors work with everyone to make sure you get it right. You should be back to your table enjoying sushi around 6:15. 

Option 7
Party starts at 7:00
Private Tutor
At this party you get a private tutor. Starting at 7:00 we tutor 2 groups of 4 people about every 20 minutes. Step right up to the rolling table and roll 2 rolls of your choice. Your email reservation confirmation will show the ESTIMATED starting time based on existing reservations. When busy, we will need your dining table for the next guest 40 minutes after you sit down to enjoy your sushi.

$30 per person & BYOB
Team Building - Birthdays - Company Parties 
Family Get together - Bachelorette Parties
Holiday Parties, any special occasion
or even just a fun night with friends

Round up 18 to 28 friends for a private 2 1/2 hour sushi party, the party is Option 7 style. Your guests step up to the rolling table with a private tutor to roll 2 rolls of their choice at anytime during the party.

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