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130 West Pike St.

Covington, Ky 41011
Sushi Rolling & Dining Parties
Always BYOB & No Tipping

Food, Drinks & Fun
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All Sushi Parties are BYOB & No Tipping

Groupon Special $39.99 - Sushi  Party for 2  
2 rolls per person - BYOB & NO tipping
Groupon available for all Option 6 & 7 sushi parties.

Join us at Sushi Cincinnati on Saturday evenings for some sushi rolling fun. Choose from 3 Sushi Party options. Sushi Cincinnati is a commercial sushi manufacture licensed by the State of Kentucky and the FDA as a seafood processing facility. We only open to the public Saturday evenings to share the art of making sushi. We have nothing to drink on site since we do not operate as a restaurant, you must bring your own drinks. At all 3 sushi parties you will roll your own sushi then have a seat and enjoy what you rolled.

Option 5.*           
"Make Sushi at Home" 
Sushi Party starts at 5:15

Doors open 4:45
Reservations Required 

This party is for those interests in making sushi at home. Deb & Jack put on a 45 minute show teaching you everything you need to know about making rice, ripening and cutting the avocado, fish, sauces, knives, rolling, cutting and plating. At the end of our show you will step up to the rolling table and roll 3 Maki rolls of your choice, when finished sit down and enjoy your sushi. Party ends at 7:00 to allow Option 7 group in.

*“Make Sushi at Home” party is only available every 4 to 8 weeks based on demand.
Check “Available Party Dates” tab above for the next scheduled date.

Option 6.        
"Roll & Dine"               
Sushi Party starts at 5:45         

Doors open 5:15
Reservations Required

This party is for those who just want to go out to dinner and enjoy sushi and have some fun trying to roll it, and also for those who have made sushi before and want to polish their rolling and cutting skills. At this party you will have a reserved seat waiting for you when you arrive. Deb & Jack will give a 10 minute Sushi assembly, rolling and cutting demonstration. You will be up to the rolling table by 6:00 rolling your choice of any 2 sushi rolls, extra rolls $5.00. You will be back at you’re table enjoying your sushi around 6:15. Our instructors work with everyone to make sure you get it right. Party ends at 7:00 to allow Option 7 group in. Our facility is setup with 6 four seat & 2 two seat tables, so there is a good chance you will be sharing a table and comparing your sushi rolling skills with new friends.

Option 7
Walk In & Roll
7:00 till all have been served
Reservations Suggested

This party is for anyone who wants to try to roll sushi and the thousands we have train. Bring your friends and let the fun begin. Step right up to the rolling table and roll 2 sushi rolls of your choice. There's no show or demonstration, you get a mini rolling lesson with the chef right at the rolling table. This party is not a question and answer session, if you’re looking for in depth information sign up for the “Option 5 Sushi Party. Please do not arrive before 7:00 so we can finish up the “Option 5 or 6” Sushi Party. Reservations are not required but recommended. Reservations are pre paid tickets, those with reservations will get a table in the order reservations are submitted and ahead of everyone without a reservation. This party starts at 7:00, when you call to confirm your reservation we will give you an estimated time to arrive after 7:00 based on existing reservations to cut down as much waiting time as possible. If you don't like waiting to be seated select the "Option 6" party for your guaranteed reserved seat. Our facility is setup with 6 four seat & 2 two seat tables, so there is a good chance you will be sharing a table and comparing your sushi rolling skills with new friends. Extra rolls $5.00 each, eat them there or we will package them up to take with you for lunch or dinner the next day or to the party you're heading to next.  

Contact us to plan your office, home or bachelorette parties. Groups of 16 or more can schedule
 a private party any day and time of your choice other than Saturday. Private party price is $32 per person which includes tax and tip.

be at least 18 to attend option 5 & 6 parties. Call to arrange an option 7 sushi party for anyone under 18.

Ingredients available:
Raw: Ahi Tuna, Salmon  
Cooked: Spicy Shrimp, Spicy Snow Crab, Imitation Crab Stick
Cream Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber, Green Onion, Red Pepper & Carrots.
Feel free to bring other ingredients if you want something other than what we offer.

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